Student's Speak


Vishwas Salagare

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics, Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat

Placed at : Tata Memorial Research Center, Mumbai

Myself Vishwas Salagare, I have done MSc statistics from Sardar Patel University. After MSc I got the job but this job is on contractually basis. So I was looking for a job change. Then suddenly my one of the best friend suggest that in Ahmedabad one of the course is going on and the name of that course is PHARMA-STATS. This course gives knowledge, concepts, power, vision.

Mrs. Nirali Mehta (The founder and the director of PHARMA-STATS) is a very optimistic, enthusiastic and positive personality.

I want to share you few things which I learnt in pharma-stats.

I got concepts as well as vision. Conceptual Knowledge about BA/BE and Clinical Trials. I develop my communication skill. It gives professional training, corporate training, and personality development training as well. Which is very useful for me in future. Never loose confidence, because it is key for success.

Miss Nirali mam has good observational skill. She always share his experience with us which is very useful for me in future. She always says, everything is happens happen for good reasons, Think out of the box. If you are not practicing someone somewhere practicing etc.

I am very much thankful to Ms. Nirali Mehta and team of PHARMA-STATS from deep of my heart.

Mr. Rahul Patil

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

Placed at : Tata Memorial Research Center, Mumbai

Hi, I am Rahul Patil I have persuade my post-graduation in statistics from North Maharashtra University Jalgaon. I am a student of PHARMA-STATS.

PHARMA-STATSian institute that enables you to get good subject knowledge, professionalism, by that enables you to get job.

The Director of PHARMA-STATS M/s Nirali Mehta is a really good human being with a long vision and out of box thinking. She not only gives you good subjective knowledge, but also her professional training helps you to survive after entering in corporate sector.

I was a very lack of confidence student, when I got join to the PHARMA-STATS. but from the day I entered and till today I can see phenomenal changes in my attitude, confidence. My vision and my approach looking towards things totally changed. In PHARMA-STATS with good subjective knowledge you get good training of communication. How to handle interviews. What and how to speak in interviews. Along with that you get really good knowledge of sas software. So overall PHARMA-STATS is a really good institute for those who wants to make their career in health sector. And also for those who wants grow as person and wants get professional excellence in field of Statistics. I am really proud be a student of PHARMA-STATS.

Mr. Nagraj Jagtap

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

Placed at : Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Baddi Plant

Hello Everyone, I am Nagraj Jagtap, becoming a part of PHARMA-STATS is phenomenal experience for me. During my last year of M.Sc. at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. I have experience from my senior friends those got desired job is not every ones ‘cup of tea’ you need extra skills for that. Due to this I was looking for the institute which provide me this extra skills,
and then some friend tell me you could join PHARMA-STATS class. As mention in above PHARMA-STATS is phenomenal experience for me. Here I get exposure to pharmaceutical industry and corporate culture. Here, I know how to get survive and grow with vision in the corporate industry. Finally I suggest to those who want career as Biostatistician join PHARMA-STATS. And believe me ‘Everything happen, happen for good reasons’.

Mr. Amar Patil

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics, Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat

Placed at : Tata Memorial Research Center, Mumbai

I am Amar Patil and I have completed my MSc in statistics from Sardar Patel university, anand, Gujrat. Currently I am working in TATA Memorial Research Center.

I joined PHRMA-STAT in Dec 2015, before that I had very less knowledge of how the statistics is used and where it is used. After completing my course I am very much familiar that how to use statistics and where do we use statistics. I also had a great knowledge of SAS, DOE, Minitab and software's like that. I did many real life practicals on clinical trials and BA/BE.

It's not just statistics, Nirali Mehta taught us many more things which are important in industries like personality development, English communication, and much more.

If you are fresher and you want to make your excellent career in Biostats this is the best place. It will really boost your skills, confidence, subject knowledge, personality which I have experienced.

I am very thankful to Nirali Mehta that she gave me an opportunity to join this course which helped me a lot to start my carrier in industry.

Mr. Prem Sahu

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Biostatistics (M.S. University, Vadodara)

Placed at : Meril Life Science, Vapi, Gujarat

Dear Nirali madam,

First of all I really appreciate the work which you are doing and I am really impressed with the idea of PHARMA-STATS which provides a platform to beginners to learn the new things and enhance their statistics capabilities into the area of pharmaceuticals practically. PHARMA-STATS is a place where you developed your skills and “THINK OUT OF THE BOX” because you have your own freedom (nobody going to makes you imprisonment).

After completion of my post-graduation I was searching for job and everywhere where I was applied I did not get any response. I was fed up because instead of having pharma and biostatistics degree, I could not get placed myself on a right track. I found myself in a condition where I suffice a lot after getting married. So I came to Ahmedabad to join PHARMA-STATS with the feeling that Ms.Nirali madam could do something for me. I know myself very well. What is my weakness and what is my strength, but how to overcome from weakness I have learned through PHARMA-STATS. I really liked and valued the guidance which was taught by Ms. Nirali. I like the way how she is approaching, her ability to think differently with great communication skills.

Nirali madam has always been brimmed with enthusiasm be in professional or personal front. Her capacity to think out of the box makes her stand out from the crowd. She is patient and persevering, equipped with thorough knowledge and experience in the field of clinical research. The "never say die" attitude is really going to get her places.

So at last With immense affection and gratitude I must say PHARMA-STATS changed my VISION both professionally and personally. I realized my own potential and self-confidence.

I wish PHARMA-STATS will grow more and more in near future and one day will come that the whole organisations is filled up by PHARMA-STATIANS.

Ms. Khushali Vora

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (School of Science, Gujarat University)

Placed at : Prolific Research Pvt Ltd., Gujarat

Myself, Khushali Vora, working as a data processor at Prolific Research (Market Research firm)which happened only with help of PHARMA-STATS. I have completed my MSc in Statistics in June, 2015.Pharma-Stats, a corporate training center, I joined after completed my MSc.

PHARMA-STATS, a corporate training center, came like a boon to my life. It not only gave me vision to bright future but also helped me to get more clear idea regarding my career options. There I learned not only pharmaceutical statistics and its applications in various areas, but also got to learn professionalism, that how people work, interact in corporate and industrial firms. Presentation of the knowledge you are having, punctuality, n much more I learned from PHARMA-STATS. The madam, NIRALI METHA, is one and only Trainer and Director in the institute. She always motivated us, brought up our confidence, taught us application of Statistics in many different fields. She is one woman army handling all of the matters of Institute. Till my MSc got over I was unaware of Msc degree value in market. But after I joined PHARMA-STATS course, I got a better and very clear idea. I planned up for my bright future. Madam always said one thing, “Anything happens, it happens for a GOOD reason”. I believed that things happen for a reason but now I too believe in it. Madam’s word “If you are not practicing and hard working, than someone somewhere is practicing and hard working”, helped me in working hard. As a fresher it is always too hard to get into corporate field, but it is not that hard for PHARMA-STATAINS. The one who want to get into a corporate field as a fresher, should definitely join PHARMA-STATS. One can learn the things taught in PHARMA-STATS from notes but can’t crack interview without joining PHARMA-STATS, true words I believe in.

We believe in hard work, we believe in success, we believe in celebration, because we are PHARMA-STATSian.

I m very much thankful to PHARMA-STATS and my madam, Nirali Mehta to help me in getting into bright n secure future.

Mr. Dhaval Soni

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (School of Science, Gujarat University)

Placed at : Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Indrad Plant

My self Dhaval soni. I m working at torrent pharma, Indrad. "Whatever happens happens for good reason only, keep faith in god" this lines by Nirali ma'am. This lines really touch my heart and I am following it.

PHARMA-STATS has not only helped me in developing the perfect instinct but also has helped in making myself more presentable. I was never a diamond with brilliance, but yes these 3 months gave me some brilliant cuts. I thank all those cuts for helping me in building a stronger and a much positive attitude towards life.

Its my luck,my destiny I joined PHARMA-STATS. Thank you Nirali ma'am. Today what I am only because of you.

Mr. Piyush Jogani

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (School of Science, Gujarat University)

Placed at : Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Indrad Plant

Greeting from Piyush Jogani !!!!!!!

I am Piyush jogani. I have completed Master of Science in statistics from school of science, Gujarat University. Currently I am working as a Biostatistician (Statistical quality control) in torrent pharmaceutical limited, Indrad.

Actually, after completed of my I was not decided to going which field. And that time I was searching job and i was selected in bank industry. But in this job which is not my field related and sometime working and then left the job. Meanwhile, I met my classmate who got selected through Parma-stat in industry. And finally I was joined. During Parma-stat course I have gained thoroughly knowledge of statistics with new concept wise and many more statistics things. Also I have gained software knowledge and Professional training. And how to utilize knowledge in industry.

Ms. Nirali Mehta is our mentor. She is very helpful and friendly behavior. She was explained hard topics in simple example one simple idea and we understand that. she always said " you can become brand in your field ".

I thankful to pharma-stat and Ms. Nirali Mehta. And I feel proud to become part of Parma-stat.Thanks a lot……

Mr. Prashant Bhosale

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Sardar Patel University, Gujarat)

Placed at : Biostatistician at Micro Lab, Bangalore.

I am Prashant Bhosale working as Statistician at Micro Labs, Bangalore. To become a biostatistician was my dream and which is fulfilled just because of PHARMA-STATS and Ms. Nirali Mehta who is founder of PHARMA-STATS.

After completion of my M.Sc., I was searching for job from 7-months but did not get success. Then I came to know about PHARMA-STATS from my seniors and classmates who got placed by PHARMA-STATS.

In PHARMA-STATS I learned Basic Statistical concept, Pharmaceutical Statistics. I got a knowledge about Professionalism, how to face the interview and I got my confidence and potential, vision and thinking (out of the box). PHARMA-STATS taught me industrial discipline.

Ms. Nirali Mehta always says, “Whatever happens always happens for good reasons” which is really true because I have experienced that lines after joining PHARMA-STATS.

I am very much thankful to Ms. Nirali Mehta and team of PHARMA-STATS from deep of my heart.

Ms. Sarita Motwani

Edu. Qualification : M.SC. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician at Accutest Research Laboratory (Ahmedabad).

Hello Everyone,

I am Sarita Motwani, student of PHARMA-STATS. I have completed my M.SC. (Statistics) from School Of Sciences, Gujarat University. Currently, I am working with Accutest Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad as a biostatistician.

After completion of my M.SC. , I came to know about PHARMA-STATS and I decided to be a part of it. PHARMA-STATS is not only an institute ,but it is also a great platform which leads to the students to the success and helps them to achieve their goals.

Mrs. Nirali Mehta (The founder and the director of PHARMA-STATS) is a very optimistic, enthusiastic and positive personality, who has taught me so many things which are very helpful for me in my professional as well as in my personal life.

The things, I have learnt from PHARMA-STATS are:

  • How to behave like a professional.
  • Never lose self confidence (because confidence is an important key to the success).
  • Always be punctual and presentable.
  • Always keep calm and be patient.
  • Keep smiling
  • Do hard work

Last but not least, the most important, I have learnt that is “Statistics” - Study of collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of numerical data”.

I have gained thorough knowledge of Statistics, Bio-statistics (BA/BE) and Clinical trials from PHARMA-STATS.

Nirali Madam’s most important words which motivate and build interest within her students regarding learning are “If you are not reading and practicing someone, somewhere is reading and practicing”.

I’m very thankful to PHARMA-STATS and Nirali ma’am for helping me to make my career.

“I believe in myself, I believe in hard work, I believe in success and I also believe in celebration, because I’m a “PHARMA-STATISTICIAN”.

Thank you.

Mr. Mehul Singhala

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician at Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd. (Ahmedabad)

Hello !

Myself Mehul Shingala and today I am working as a “Biostatistician and SAS programmer” in Lambda Therapeutic Research Centre. It happened because of Pharma-Stats.

Pharma-Stats !!! Name is enough. I was actually confused after completion of M.Sc, what to do? At that time I heard about Pharma-Stats. Meanwhile I met my seniors who got the placement through PHARMA-STATS & finally I joined. During this course I have gained good knowledge of statistics with new concepts.

This institute is not only for statistics. They provide bunch of other knowledge which is really need for personal growth. Also I have seen one good thing in institute, if you are interested to join, there is no eligibility criteria based on mark sheet. I am really thankful to Ms. Nirali Mehta. She gave me lots of confidence. I really learned many things in these 3-months and it was memorable.

Today I suggest my juniors and friends to join Pharma-Stats. I am feeling proud to be part of this institute. I wish Pharma-Stats get lots of success and growth.

Thank you so much…

Mr. Brijesh Shukla

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician-Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd (Ahmedabad)

Hi everyone,

I am Brijesh Shukla, Biostatistician in Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd since January 2014. I had completed Master degree (MSc) in Statistics from Gujarat University in recently in 2013. After completing master’s I was lucky that “PHARMA-STATS” was on the way and I joined it. I would like to recommend that any young birds who wants to pursue career in pharmaceutical sector/CRO with the dream job as an aim then they should definitely join pharma-stats, one of the professional and corporate training institute where you can get hands on approach, practical training on different modules for professional profile as suggested by some of the industrial experts. As a student of pharma-stats I would like to share my experience as I was not proficient in communication and some of the technical concepts but after joining “pharma-stats” I never feel the difficulty in both aspects. It was my privilege that I got the training from one of the well inspiring, informative, and supportive having an industrial experience of 11 years Ms.Nirali Mehta to whom you consider my mentor. I really admire my mam.

Ms. Drashty Doshi

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc in Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Statistician at Torrent Research Centre (Formulation Dept-IVIVC), Ahmedabad

Hi everyone,

I am Drashty Doshi working at Torrent Research Centre, Formulation department as a Statistician. My profile is to work on IVIVC and Applications of statistics on DOE (Design of Experiment). PHARMA-STATS, a corporate training centre which will make u understand About actual statistics. Whatever statistics that we have learned in our college is totally different from that of industrial statistics. Ms. Nirali Mehta, a perfect trainer who came as a boon in my life.

She is excellent by her thoughts, her nature and very professional trainer. During the time of taking a major subject as a STATISTICS during my graduation time, I was pretty confident that I will enter and make my future in a corporate level only. After my completion of post graduation, I was introduced with PHARMA-STATS concepts & I made up my mind to do this training course to reach my destination. In PHARMA-STATS, I entered into new world of statistics by learning different statistical methods used in Clinical trials, bioequivalence and statistical tools. It was becoming very interesting to learn all new things which were totally different for us. Apart from professional training, she also builds up our self confidence and encourages us to show our inner potential and skills to the world.

She also prepares us how to face the interview and also prepares us how to behave in corporate world after getting the job. If you roam the whole world also to get the job as a fresher, you want get it. Only by taking training in this institute will make u perfect to face the interview with all basic knowledge.

Today I am working at my dream company which would not be possible without PHARMA-STATS. Thank you PHARMA-STATS and this is my humble request to all my friends to join PHARMA- STATA in order to make your future bright statistical world.


Mr. Pavan Patel

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics, Gujarat University

Placed at : Biostatistician-Veeda Clinical Research, Ahmedabad

Myself Pavan Patel, completed M.Sc. with Statistics from Gujarat University in 2013. Currently I am working with Veeda Clinical Research as a Bio-statistician.

I have completed my course of ‘Pharmaceutical Statistics’ in September 2014 from PHARMA-STATS. Having pursued this excellent course that gave me the knowledge, confidence and overcoming my fears that always held me back has brought a new dimension into my life to start a successful career in this industry. I would strongly recommend everyone to join PHARMA-STATS for their new beginnings in life.

The course has taught me valuable skills which I have immediately put into practice in my role as a Bio-statistician. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was really informative. The support throughout the course was amazing and invaluable. The materials were easy to read and well structured.

I am thankful to PHARMA-STATS for offering such a great course and a big thanks to Ms. Nirali Mehta for all kind of support and training.

Mr. Nitesh Shejwal

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Biostatistics, SP University

Placed at : Biostatistician, Novartis Sandoz (Mumbai)

There is my luck to become not a student, not an employee but pre-employee of PHARMA-STATS. Here is the place that I am knowing myself very well. What is my weakness and what is my strength, I am already known but how can our weakness becomes our strength is learning through PHARMA-STATS. I really liked and valued the guidance on which path would be best to take.

Ms. Nirali Mehta, the founder of PHARMA-STATS give me full support throughout the training and after that. In each and every session I am doing something wrong and learning something new from her. This habit is learned me "Always better than before". Today whatever I am because of the PHARMA-STATS. Here I learned concepts, stability, vision, confidence and patience. The last one is making for me because I had given five interviews and finally got selected as Industrial Trainee Biostatistician at Novartis Sandoz Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

Thank you Ms. Nirali Mehta and team of PHARMA-STATS. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

" If you can dream it, you can do it ".

Mr. Archin Shah

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statisticis (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician, Synchron Research (Ahmedabad)

What statistics I learnt from colleges and What Statistics the Pharma Industries expected from a Biostatistician are different. Because in Pharmaceutical Industries the Company not only looked for pure statistician but also looked for statistician one who can understand clinical research and their parameters involved in order to detect the significant result.

PHARMA-STATS an institute which thought me Pharmacokinetic Parameter involved in Clinical Studies and their statistical analysis and interpretations along with the knowledge of SAS Programming. With all knowledge that I received from PHARMA-STATS made me something different from other fresher statistician which then reflected in my performance to get selected in interview.

Apart from Subjective Knowledge, We in PHARMA-STATS also thought corporate culture, Team Player, To Think “out of Box” , Competent , Ability to make Decision etc

Many thanks to Ms. Nirali Mehta, the founder of “PHARMA-STATS”

Ms. Aanal Soni

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician, Kidney Department (Civil Hospital)

PHARMA-STATS, A Corporate Training Centre, has provided overview about current established practices in the area of Statistical Applications and tools utilized in Pharmaceutical Industries.

Myself Aanal Soni, currently I am working as a Bio-Statistician in Kidney Department (Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad).This Professional Centre enhanced my theoretical knowledge and sharpens my skills. Content of the course has covered case studies problems and many relevant daily practices adopted by many market players in pharmaceutical industry. This course has explored many untouched areas and prepared our self to fix up our professional path. It was my pleasure to be a part of this and expecting continuous knowledge enhancement on frequent basis.

Mr. Jay Bhavsar

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Biostatistics (Sardar Patel University)

Placed at : Biostatistician (Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd., Ahmedabad)

PHARMA-STATS is that name which beget a new hope and confidence into me. Because I was struggling from one year to start Careers in industries but I failed. PHARMA-STATS gave me the training of every type not only the knowledge but also gave training of discipline, self-confidence and corporate professionalism.

The Founder & Trainer of company Ms. Nirali Mehta is not doing business but she is making their students enough capable to introduce themselves into these pure corporate world and to earn prestige and proud. If you work hard there only for three months you’ll definitely get wages for that. Also they support you after that three month of training.

Especially my journey of that three month was so interesting I haven’t seen GURU like Ms. Nirali Mehta. The way she teach you it just awesome can’t forget those days.

My Dream job was to become a Bio-Statistician and today I am, and why I got this opportunity? Because of knowledge and that knowledge filled by PHARMA-STATS into my box.

I am really grateful to PHARMA-STATS for built me. I hope PHARMA-STATS grow more and more and other students also able to fulfill their dream.


Mr. Prakash Sengunthar

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician- VerGo Pharma, GOA

My aim is to become a good statistician and get good knowledge on the field I work and to give full support to the industry I belong to. Then I started myself practiced over the knowledge of biostatistics and SAS programming. I have visited Hysynth Biotechnologies Company, Chennai for internship in base SAS programming. With the knowledge I gained, travelled through many companies for interview but then my knowledge & SAS programming didn’t help me out to clear the interviews in pharmaceutical companies. To put full stop on my problem, I get into different institute where I found through my knowledge that PHARMA-STATS is only institute that can give me practical knowledge along with the vision to travel smoothly and succeeding in the pharmaceutical industries along with corporate culture.

In the past 3 months journey I learnt much more than what I expected. Specially module-II BA/BE is really wonderful design of the course in PHARMA-STATS. Really I thanks to Ms. Nirali Mehta for such a selection of the modules which made me Bio-statistician with complete knowledge that can fulfill pharma industries and as final module we had Basics of clinical trial which gave me complete knowledge of pharma industries and its need of existence and my job responsibilities.

Apart from the basic module design PHARMA-STATS gave me the knowledge of ICH-GCP, Different aspects of guidelines, SOPs etc that related to pharma industries with the psychological aspects of the behavioral responsibilities towards the company. With all the above mentioned knowledge which gave me the confidence to get selected in VerGo Pharma. I am really happy and proud to be the part of PHARMA-STATS.

I have no words for our trainer & founder of PHARMA-STATS, Ms. Nirali Mehta, for taking such care of the industrial requirements and the future of students who are really looking their future as Biostatistician.

Mr. Nitesh Kewat

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Sardar Patel University)

Placed at : Biostatistician, Sun Pharmaceutical, Baroda

I have joined PHARMA-STATS in Sep-2013. PHARMA-STATS gave me a much needed broader perspective and a multi-faceted view of Pharmaceuticals & Clinical field. PHARMA-STATS is the only premier institute at this time who offering this course. The modules are designed in such a way that, it not just enhances the knowledge base of the student but also increases the analytical approach towards the subject. The training and the hard work of the Ms. Nirali Mehta definitely helped everyone in the batch to groom as per the industry requirement. It is not just the knowledge we gained from PHARMA-STATS, but the tremendous help and moldings which helped us in becoming a better professional. Thank to PHARMA-STATS for providing me with a wonderful opportunity to start my career as a Biostatistician in Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Darshak Patel

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Sardar Patel University, Anand)

Placed at : Biostatistician, ClinSync Clinical Research Pvt. Limited, Hyderabad.

After completion of M.Sc in may 2013, I was finding a job for 4 month, I tried in so many companies, and no company was taking interest to take the fresher like me. Then in September I came to know about PHARMA-STATS by my one friend. I went there for one day test, first day of the institute I realize that this is the place and person (Ms. Nirali Mehta) who can help me to get knowledge about the real statistical analysis which is needed in pharmaceutical industry and CROs and I can start my career from here.

In PHARMA-STATS we studied basic understanding of biostatistics, statistical test which are in use in clinical research, BA/BE study and statistical analysis with all practical clinical examples. As there is a large practical component it prepared me well for the work I do today, behavioral training, interview preparation, institute is supporting not only up to get a job and after getting a job also it provide guidance about statistical analysis.

My time in PHARMA-STATS was challenging, interesting and enjoyable. The lecturer is always nice, friendly and very helpful. After completion of 3-MONTHS course finally I got the placement in ClinSync Clinical Research Pvt. Limited, Hyderabad through PHARMA-STATS.

Ms. Krupi Parmar

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Sardar Patel University)

Placed at : Biostatistician, Zydus Cadila Research Centre, Anand

Today I am working as a “Biostatistician and SAS programmer” in “Zydus Cadila Research Centre”, Ahmedabad. This was the boon that I got because of PHARMA-STATS.

It is with immense affection and gratitude that I must say PHARMA-STATS changed my VISION both professionally and personally. I realized my own potential and self-confidence. It was for the first time that I felt “studying is fun”. Ms. Nirali Mehta, the founder of PHARMA-STATS has been so generous and helpful and proved to be limelight on a dark path which would have been impossible to travel upon without her support. I very heartily owe my success to GOD as well as PHARMA-STATS who made me believe in myself.

Ms. Pooja Khatri

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician-Torrent Research Center, Ahmedabad

I have completely remembered those moments when Nirali Madam came to our college and gave introduction about her unique idea to provide knowledge of Biostatistics through her institute PHARMA-STATS. After completing her introduction, I ran and met her………and today I am working with TORRENT RESEARCH CENTRE as a Biostatistician.

If I would have not met her on that day, then today may be I would have not had such knowledge of biostatistics which helped me a lot during the time of interview and also at my workplace. She gave knowledge of statistics with practical example because of which I am able to understand deeply the concepts of statistics. She also gave idea about how to present in interview. The best thing about her is that she is always accessible during any time of the day. Her way of teaching is so good that made me easily understand all the application of statistics in pharmaceutical field. She helps me a lot. She is not just a teacher but a perfect guide for me. Not only the guidance of statistics but how to behave? , how to walk? , how to talk? Each and every small thing which is very important to be a successful person in industry was taught by Nirali Madam. She made my vision broad. I always remember one line of her which always gave me very positive energy “You are best, god gives you best and whatever happens, happens for a good reason”.

I would sincerely recommend all my friends to join PHARMA-STATS, If you seriously want to learn statistics and want to be a unique personality then without thinking just join PHARMA-STATS. Finally I would say it was great to be a part of the PHARMA-STATS family. It’s an apt name and unique institute for Statisticians. Thanks will be such a small gesture towards her contribution.


Mr. Dhruv Trivedi

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician-Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd., Ahmedabad

I had completed my training of SAS Base and Advance. Right now I am working in one of the leading CRO named “Lambda Therapeutic Research LTD” just because of the life changing institute PHARMA-STATS.

After completion of my post graduation and training of SAS programming I came across the institute PHARMA-STATS founded by Ms. Nirali Mehta. I contact her and inquired about institute and courses held there and I felt it interesting which would help me to achieve my goal. So, the very next day I joined PHARMA-STATS and start learning application of statistics in different fields. Once the lectures got started we learnt so many things about statistics as well as industry from Nirali Madam. She gave us wide view of industrial statistics. We learn each and every statistical point theoretically and practically. We are also attended various seminars from experienced persons of pharmaceutical industries. She taught everything with real life examples, in every lecture we learnt some new techniques of working smartly and we were also given training for interview, group discussions, presentations skills etc. Each and everything were given equal important in our training. Nirali Madam gave us idea to think out of the box. She always maintains the positive environment in class.

So at the end I would like to thank Ms. Nirali Mehta and PHARMA-STATS for creating such thoughtful and unique institute. From the bottom of my heart Thank You so much!!!!!

Mr. Harshil Patel

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician- Raptim Research, Mumbai

At very first time we had received a leaflet provided by Nirali madam. I must remember the words on a leaflet as

“PHARMA-STATS”……”Knock ….Knock …Knock…it’s an Opportunity”.

Since that day the eagerness for PHARMA-STATS course had been started within me. After joining this course I came to know that the syllabus was neatly designed & covered almost every aspect of Pharmaceutical Statistics with hands on approach of industrial examples. The approach of sharing knowledge and providing training was in an extra ordinary pattern. PHARMA-STATS has different policy for punishment also. Nirali madam used to through parties when punishment was necessary!

What was so wonderful for PHARMA-STATS, was that it provides a training for corporate - etiquette, discipline, and time management. In addition special sessions conducted by Industrial Specialists could broaden our vision in different section of the Industry. I truly loved every minutes of PHARMA-STATS, but my best moment is : A day when I received a call for the interview from Raptim research as it was my first Professional interview. It gives me immense pleasure to tell that my decision to join this PHARMA-STATS course was extremely fruitful & through PHARMA-STATS I got job as a Biostatistician.

Though I had attended 5 years of college life, but I did not get anything as compare to what I can get through the Short Term course of PHARMA-STATS. I recommend PHARMA-STATS to all those who want to convert their passion into Pharmacy-profession.

Ms. Sudipta Ghosh

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician-Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd., Ahmedabad

I also learned SAS Base and Advance programming. Right now I am working as a biostatistician with one of the leading CRO-. “Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd”. But this would never have been possible without Mrs. Nirali Mehta the founder of the unique corporate training centre PHARMA-STATS. It boosted my carrier.

It provided me 3-C in my life:

Confidence, Communication and Carrier.

Here, I got complete knowledge regarding various statistical tests with real life examples which helped me to understand the concept properly. The BA/BE and Clinical trials was the main source of attraction in the course. Our trainer Ms. Nirali Mehta made it very sound and interesting for me to understand and all this helped me a lot to work in the industry. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. A person may take years to gain the knowledge which she provided in a very short period. She explained me how actually a pharmaceutical company works and what does company actually expects from a biostatistician. All of us have a dream of working with reputed companies and get success. But there is a very vast difference between dream and success. To fulfill your dreams you need to work hard and explore your knowledge that sharpens your skill and get you through your goals. PHARMA-STATS made it a dream came true for me. I always remember these words told by madam, “God always gives us, which is best for us”.

I really feel proud to be a part of the PHARMA-STATS Family. Thank you madam and PHARMA-STATS for being the stepping stone of my carrier. Without you I would not have been what I am today. I wish a very successful and bright future to PHARMA-STATS. May it grow more and more with years.

Ms. Neha Jadav

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc.-Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Gujarat Cancer & Research Center, Ahmedabad

I came to know about 'PHARMA-STATS' through a seminar given by Mrs. Nirali Mehta the founder of PHARMA-STATS held at our college during my M.Sc. In that seminar she explained about biostatistics and the work related to that in the Pharma-industries. At that very moment I made my mind set to join PHARMA-STATS. Here we were taught the basic concepts of BA/BE trials, tests of biostatistics and a basic knowledge of clinical trial. It is important to have a sound profile to enter into the pharmaceutical industry, and all these concepts helps a lot to improve our profile. PHARMA-STATS not only provided me good conceptual knowledge but also helped me to build my confidence.

It’s all because of PHARMA-STATS and our madam Ms. Nirali Mehta that today I am ready to face any kind of interview. She taught us to remain calm and positive in any critical situation in life. She changed my entire vision of thinking. Words are not enough to describe what PHARMA-STATS provided me. I am glad that I am a part of PHARMA-STATS.

“PHARMA-STATS slogan Knowledge change the power is absolutely true…..”

Mr. Sneh Bhavsar

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc. Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Business Analyst, TCS, Baroda

'My decision to join 'PHARMA-STATS' was definitely the right one and at the right time. It is one of the first of its kind, and truly innovative. What has delighted me about the course has been the positive, practical impact that it has on my regular life as well. It has broaden my vision and made me aware of the potential in me, which I had never discovered so far. The course was both challenging, rewarding, well-structured & the different methods of assessment ensured the course was purposeful, challenging & stimulating. It gave the practical exposure to the theory concepts. Ms. Nirali Mehta was not only the subject trainer but also a good counselor. The training given by her made me dynamic such that I was shaped in such a way that I was able to go in a field which was my first choice and different from Pharmaceutical Statistics. I am very happy and I feel lucky to have such an opportunity to join 'PHARMA-STATS' and get training from a very experienced industry professional who groomed me and made my journey from a college student to a working professional better and easy.

I sincerely thank 'PHARMA-STATS' and Ms. Nirali Mehta for all the guidance, support, care and backup that I got and I wish that every deserving person gets the opportunity to join 'PHARMA-STATS' and get trained by Ms. Mehta.

Mr. Jaimik Patel

Edu. Qualification : M.Sc.–Statistics (Gujarat University)

Placed at : Biostatistician, Micro Labs, Bangalore


When I read this slogan first time thought it seems different & something new. When I had attended the seminar of PHARMA-STATS in a collage I immediately thought that I will join this corporate training center. After the joining the 'PHARMA-STATS' I realized that what is the difference between college knowledge and industrial knowledge and how to apply statistics in research. Also came to know role of a biostatistician in the industry.

Nirali madam has different style of sharing knowledge and punishment. I learn that how to improve practical knowledge, time management, pharmaceutical statistics and how to work in profession. Basic sense of discipline and lots of other thing we learn from PS. Also took training of how to face the interview. I really satisfied from the training of ' PHARMA-STATS'. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Just because of all learning and training I got the job through PHARMA-STATS in a well known company Micro Labs, Bangalore.

I recommend all of them who want to join Pharmaceutical industry please join the 'PHARMA - STATS' because ' KNOWLEDGE CHANGE THE POWER'.